Stop reaching out for something you don’t have, and start recognizing and remembering that you are and you have…

I loved this quote immediately upon reading it, and it made me stop and take both a mental inventory of how I do this, and to be conscientious of it throughout my day. Correspondingly so, to honour Open That Bottle Night, I carefully selected an Ontario Red as my bottle of choice–one which already occupied a place in my collection, and not something new. Too often we overlook the wonderful things/ people/ qualities/ attributes, and so on that we already possess and are right at our fingertips, always fixating on what we could have that would improve our (you fill in this blank). In my case, although there were many other enticing picks among any of the many wine retailers of which I am surrounded, remembering my new mantra to appreciate what is already within my grasp, I knew that I already had a gem awaiting me in my home. This added to my anticipation, knowing that it was going to be a surprise!

At home, I was very excited at the treasure I discovered:


Thirty Bench Red, VQA Beamsville Bench, 2007

Dealing with this Bordeaux-style 2007 Red, I wanted to get the full sensory experience which I knew it was capable of delivering, and chose to decant half the bottle. (Why don’t I do this more often???!!!!) It was by far the best thing I could have done, as it immediately elevated what could have been a very good wine, making it a delicious selection for the night. Wafts of licorice, black currants and plums lured me in, even before tasting. On my palate this full-bodied red presented flavours of wood and lots of spice with noticeable tannins that were softened a bit by the decanting. I was very satisfied with this wine and would give it 91/100.

I will admit it was an extra boost to the wine’s existing panache, just knowing that I found so much enjoyment, not in something I didn’t have, but rather in what I already do have. Therefore, rather than my original plan of continuing to work, study, make bookmarks and countless notes on all things Bordeaux, I am adjusting that, remembering that I do have knowledge already, and am augmenting this at a rapid rate. I need not burn the figurative candle (only the unscented one beside me!) at all ends, but be kind to myself, and allow a break from my formalized structure of learning, retiring to my couch with a glass or two of Thirty Bench, and catching up with some Netflix. Of course, in this depiction of how awinegal finds relaxation, although it is indirectly implied that I will only be watching the latest episode of Damages, please, do not be mislead. Those who know me understand that my current choice of Wine texts, a bottle of nailpolish, cell phone and possibly hand cream will also be placed within my grasp. Aaah yes, the art of multi-laxing– I think it fits!

Busy day tomorrow, but hopefully I will find time to sample what is left of this Beamsville beaut and see how it has mellowed even further. I would love to put it through a blind tasting next to some ’07 Bordeaux reds as well…. But, for tonight, that shall be all…. Off to enjoy the bountiful fruits of my decanter :)


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One thought on “Stop reaching out for something you don’t have, and start recognizing and remembering that you are and you have…

  1. Yes, to enjoy what is already within our grasp, as in our decanter, is what is so fulfilling about our(and aWineGal’s) love of Wine!
    Wishing for something else at that moment is to refute aWineGal’s constant message ‘We are where we are supposed to be’!!

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